Coaching is a powerful development tool that opens up self-awareness, and insights, helps individuals to develop specific skills and facilitates them arriving at solutions to their challenges.

Coaching Style

We aim is to provide a confidential space in which coachees can openly discuss their goals, challenges and dilemmas and to reflect and explore potential solutions.   Anna's coaching approach is predominantly non-directive, facilitating coachees to arrive at their own solutions.  However, where appropriate Anna will suggest ideas or options for the coachee to consider.    Helping coachees to develop their self-awareness is fundamental to Anna's coaching philosophy.  To support this approach she uses a range of psychometric tools such as DiSC, MBTI and EQ-i 2.0.  Anna also incorporates 360 degree feedback tools when appropriate.

A typical coaching programme consists of 6 sessions over a 6-month period, however frequency and number of coaching sessions is flexible in response to your organisation's and the individual's requirements.

Leadership and Management Coaching

Anna specialises in coaching first line managers, those new to management or leadership, and those transitioning to a new role.   Coaching can be stand-alone or combined with a leadership or management development programme. Examples of coaching topics include:

  • stepping up to a leadership role
  • managing a new team
  • managing poor performance in team members
  • onboarding - first 100 days in new role
  • leading through times of change

Personal Effectiveness Coaching

Coaching for individuals who wish to improve their skills, behaviours or self-awareness within the workplace.  Examples of coaching topics include:

  • time and self-management
  • assertiveness
  • building positive working relationships
  • career development