Coaching Case Study 1

Business Development Executive working within the transport and automotive industry.

The client was referred to me by his manager who knew the individual had real potential but was not stepping up to the challenges and opportunities his role required.  Although coaching had been suggested by his manager, the client was initially sceptical about the coaching but agreed to try it out.

Coaching Case Study 2

Research Development Manager

The client had been seconded to a senior managerial role and requested coaching to support her behavioural and interpersonal skills when interacting with the executive leadership team within her organisation. 

Coaching Case Study 3

Library Manager

Following a team development and managing change event with her team, the client requested coaching to help her embed the changes required within the team.

This coaching programme incorporated a 360 degree feedback session and focused on:

  • Developing greater self-awareness of skills and areas for development
  • Working on skills which would help the client to build rapport and relationships with his stakeholders
  • Working on skills and self-confidence that would enable the client to speak up and give his views during meetings with other senior colleagues and stakeholders

The outcome

The client’s manager said that she noticed a huge change in the client immediately; he was becoming more engaged with his stakeholders and his confidence had grown.  He was also taking the lead in introducing a big project involving stakeholders in other organisations.   Approximately one year after the coaching had ended, the manager said there had been an amazing transformation in the client and a short time later he gained a promotion to a more senior role.

Initially the coaching the helped the client to identify the situations she had experienced in which she felt she could have behaved differently and to explore why she had reacted in the way she did.   The coaching support the client to identify how she wanted to behave and practical strategies to achieve this. 

The outcome

The client reported growing in confidence through using the practical techniques explored.  Her secondment was extended and subsequently she gained a permanent senior role within the organisation.

Comment from client

“The coaching was a very useful way for me to reflect on my actions and thoughts.  Productive solutions and approaches were identified during the discussions that I then used and sought feedback on. Anna is a great listener and very sharp and she could easily understand me and channel the discussion in such a way as to explore the issues more deeply and to challenge my assumptions.” 

The coaching enabled the client to develop her leadership style in order to support her team through a difficult period of change.  It also enabled her to influence upwards to pitch for the resources she required for her team.

Comment from client

"I found Anna gentle, non-judgmental and encouraging and also firm in identifying actions and seeking feedback to ensure that they were completed by the next meeting.  Anything that wasn’t completed was further analysed to find alternative options and outcomes that might be just as acceptable to me.
The regular meetings provided me with ‘time out’ to think things through, and motivated me to set and achieve realistic short-term goals that would then lead to further objectives to address issues identified in the bigger picture.
Anna was a great help in assisting me to formulate verbal statements of what I had understood during the sessions, and ensured that I wrote down actions and goals as they were formulated".